Cheetos Mac 'N Cheese, Flamin' Hot Flavor 60g

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Cheetos Mac 'N Cheese, Flamin' Hot Flavor 60g

Introducing the new Flamin' Hot® Cheetos® Mac 'n Cheese cups. The spiciest thing since, well, Flamin' Hot® Cheetos®. Add water, boil for three minutes, then tuck into the hot flavors of our new creamy, creamy sandwich to enjoy something that's just so easy to love!

Wheat flour, maltodextrin, whey, palm oil, rapeseed oil, salt, cheddar cheese ( Milk , cultures, salt, enzymes), sugar, corn syrup, modified corn starch, cultured fat-free buttermilk, autolyzed yeast extract, turmeric, citric acid, monosodium glutamate, sunflower oil, xanthan gum, onion powder, Whey protein concentrate, lactic acid, natural aroma, E129, E102, E110, garlic powder, hydrolyzed Soya protein, sodium diacetate, sodium guanylate, sodium inosinate, blue cheese ( Milk , cultures, salt, enzymes), fat-free dry milk, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid. CONTAINS MILK , SOY AND WHEAT

Instructions for use
1. Remove the lid and spice bag. There is a loose white powder in the paste. This is necessary for the cooking to be correct.
2. Add water to the fill line on the inside of the mug.
3. Stir.
4. Cook in microwave on HIGH power uncovered for 3 minutes or until pasta is soft.
DO NOT POUR OFF. You need the liquid to make the sauce.
5. Stir in the spice bag, mix 2-3 minutes for maximum cheesiness.

Nutritional value per 100g
Energy: 350 kJ / Fat: 5.8g / Of which saturated fat: 1.7g / Carbohydrates: 68.3g / Of which sugars: 3.3g / Protein: 10g / Salt: 2.6g.