Japan Box v2

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Explore a tasty world with our Japanese snack box! Experience an exciting mix of traditional and modern Japanese flavors, from crispy and salty chips to refreshing drinks. Each product in this box carries a unique taste experience and a piece of Japan's culinary heritage.

The box contains:
- KitKat Strawberry 135.6g x 1 BBD 31 May 2024
- KitKat Rich Matcha 135.6g x 1 BBD 30 Aug 2024
- Fanta Grape Bottle 300ml x 1 BBD 30 May 2024
- Fanta Golden Grape 500ml x 1 Slightly Bumpy BBD 31 Jun 2024
- Ramune Christmas Secret 200ml x 1 BBD March 15, 2024
- Ramune Christmas Mystery 200ml x 1 BBD March 15, 2024
- Tohato Caramel Corn 70g x 1 BBD Apr 15, 2024
- Tohato Almond Caramel Corn 60g x 1 BBD Apr 15, 2024
- Calbee Zeitaku Chocolate Chips 48g x 1 BBD 31 May 2024
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