PICK UP! Black'n White 24g

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PICK UP! Black'n White 24g

PICK UP! Black'n White 24g

PICK UP! Black'n White 24g

B the landing of real, crunchy chocolate and the two delicious biscuits for every bite.

PICK UP! Black'n White 24g content
White chocolate cake (34%) in biscuit bar. Milk chocolate: 10%.
WHEAT FLOUR, cocoa butter, palm oil, WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa mass, cocoa powder with low fat content (1.5%), glucose syrup, PURE BUTTER , FOAM MILK POWDER, salt, raising agent: sodium carbonates, Diphosphates; Emulsifier: lecithin ( SOYA ); ground HAZELNUTS , flavoring agents ( MILK ), WHEY PRODUCTS, starch ( WHEAT ), acidifier: citric acid; Contains Milk, eggs, gluten, soy
Nutritional values ​​per 100 g
Energy: 2182 kJ / 522 kcal Fat: 27 g of saturated fat: 25 g Carbohydrates: 62 g of which sugar: 37 g Protein: 65 g Salt: 0.46 g
Store in a cool, dry place
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  • Varav mättat fett

  • Kolhydrater

  • Varav sockerarter

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