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Takis Queso 140g SPAIN

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BBD April 3, 2024 

NOTE: Made in Spain

We've stocked the shelves with big bags of Takis Queso TNT for all you cheese geeks who like them strong (but not too strong)! These small, rolled, corn tortilla chips are super crunchy and packed with delicious flavor. Queso cheese with a pinch of strong, red pepper – cheesy snack bliss! Munch on them straight from this generous sized bag, or dip them in salsa or real cottage cheese. Double up with cheese? Yes thank you!
Made in Spain
Maize flour, vegetable fat (palm), seasoning prepared with CHEESE and chili flavor [maize starch, salt, VASSLE protein, flavor enhancer E621-E631-E627, flavoring, cheese powder (0.4%), acidity regulator E262ii-E330, maltodextrin from corn and potato, dyes E160c, antioxidant E307 (vitamin E), May contain traces of SOYA .

Store dry and cool, avoid direct sunlight.
Nutritional value

Nutritional value per 100g:

Energy 2,249 kJ/ 538 kcal
60 g
29 g
Of which sugars
3.9 g
1.9 g
Of which saturated fat
8.6 g

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