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Discover an explosion of flavors and sensations from across the Atlantic with our USA BOX V18. We have carefully curated this collection of authentic American products to offer you an unforgettable taste journey to the USA. Whether you're in the mood for spicy chips, tart sweets or exceptional chocolate experiences, we've put together a box that will surprise and delight your taste buds.

Contents of the Box:
1 x Takis Fuego 56g
1 x Warheads Galactic Mix Cubes 127g
1 x Hershey's Milk Chocolate 43g
1 x Wonka Laffy Taffy Sour Apple 23g
1 x Wonka Laffy Taffy Grape 23g
1 x Takis Original 56g
1 x Blue Diamond Almonds XTREMES Cayenne Pepper 43g
1 x Blue Diamond Almonds XTREMES Carolina Reaper 43g
1 x Van Holten's Sour Pickle 260g
1 x Hostess Twinkies Flavored Popcorn 85g

Our USA BOX V18 is not just a collection of products, it is a taste experience that takes you on a journey through the flavors of America. Whether you want to enjoy heat, sourness or sweets, this box will satisfy your taste buds in every way. Don't miss the chance to discover these authentic American products at a super good price!

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